We were blessed to be recently interviewed again by Tammi Brennan of The Blueprint Process Podcast. Wade talks about how he transitioned from one business to a second family-owned business thru his spiritual power.

Wade and Tammi talk about finding your true north to find ways that lead you to your ideal career or ideal life.

Hear the Interview

by Wade Reed and Tami Brannan | The Blueprint Process

Show Notes

  • How the Blueprint Process studies your true north and individual path – 3:39
  • When you find your true north you can apply it to everything – 5:01
  • How other entrepreneurs use their spirituality – 6:30
  • Wade talks about spirituality in business – 7:10
  • How to take the next step based on your spiritual impression – 10:01
  • Seeking guidance – 13:49
  • Plant, cultivate and get a return – 14:16
  • Finding your greatest desire and motivation – 15:54
  • Why are we here? – 16:36
  • The importance of adding value to your business – 17:20

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