I am Taya Fisher, COTA/L (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant-Licensed), and mother to August. August has a severe global brachial plexus injury due to a traumatic birth. His right arm was completely paralyzed after his birth, but thanks to surgeries and countless hours of therapy, he now has limited use of his arm. He has participated in countless hours of therapy to get use of his arm, and he has used many therapeutic toys during his therapy. BizyBeez is one of our very favorite toys to use in his therapy.

We were introduced to BizyBeez MagStix about a year ago, and we love them for so many reasons. First and foremost, August loves them! He will play with them for long periods of time. They are a toy that is fought over among all of my 6 children. We were very excited when we realized that August could play with his MagStix without getting frustrated. It was hard to find a toy like this in the beginning, and also after his major surgeries. They are a great toy for a very wide age range. They are simple enough for young children, while providing a challenge for the older children. The construction can be as simple as putting two sticks together, and range to very complicated construction.

August with Brachial Plexus Injury

The sticks are the perfect size for August’s little hands. They are big enough that August can hold onto them with his affected hand without much difficulty, but they aren’t too big. They are the perfect weight that is challenging for him to hold onto, but they aren’t so heavy that he struggles to play with them. They provide resistance when pulling them apart, which helps August strengthen his arm, and encourages him to use his affected arm. He also loves the different textures. BizyBeez MagStix are a great toy to facilitate the use of both hands, reaching, crossing midline, proprioception, and so much more.

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